Sampled-data and Networked Control Systems: A Time-Delay Approach

    • Presentation speakers
      • Emilia Fridman, Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering-Systems. Tel Aviv University









    A classical approach to sampled-data control is based on discretization, which looses an information on the inter-sampling behavior and performance. To avoid the latter problem, a time-delay approach to sampled-data control was introduced, where the system was modeled as a continuous-time system with the delayed input/output. The time-delay approach became popular in networked control systems, where the plant and the controller exchange data via communication network. In the present talk three main approaches to sampled-data control will be discussed. A recent extension of the time-delay approach to networked-control systems will be demonstrated, where variable sampling intervals, communication delays and protocol scheduling are taken into account. Also event-triggered control will be mentioned.

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